Curriculum : Lei Aku, Lei Mai   A Hawaiian Family Learning Curriculum 

We are very proud to share our Hawaiian Curriculum: Lei Aku, Lei Mai with our Keiki & Ohana.  Lei Aku Lei Mai provides unique cultural opportunities and many lessons and  for children to obtain social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development, while instilling Hawaiian cultural values, language, arts and the meaning of Aloha. The feedback we receive from parents is that they are extremely thrilled to send their children to our school for the opportunity to learn about the Hawaiian culture, language, morals and values. 

The development of this curriculum was initiated by Na Kamalei-K.E.E.P. in response to a growing need for a culturally responsive and developmentally appropriate curriculum to be used by programs, specifically family-child interaction learning programs serving our kamali'i (young children) and their na 'ohana (families). 

A 'o aku; a'o mai: teaching and learning, or the reciprocal exchange of knowledge. Children learn. Families Learn. Teachers learn. In the same way we teach each other, like a lei given and a lei received: lei aku, lei mai. With the guidance of ke Akua, our sense of place, the wealth of resources in our communities, and the traditions and values of our kupuna, we will continue to learn and teach. Learning and teaching are a lifelong journey.   

Our staff consistently communicates with Hanalei Elementary School to ensure that we are preparing our graduating students with the knowledge and skills that are needed and expected upon entering Kindergarten. Our graduating class also takes several field trips to Hanalei Elementary school to help with transitions.