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Is the Hanalei Bridge Closing? 
call 808-241-1725 or see website below

Aloha school is located on the North End of the Hanalei Bridge.
Due to heavy rain, the bridge may close several times throughout the year. The
overflow of the Hanalei river floods the main road which prevents vehicles to drive through.
When this happens, authorities will close the entrance and exit into Hanalei. 

For updates on the river height go to: 

If the river gauge level hits 6ft,

Aloha School will have an Emergency

School closure. Parents will be notified 

to make arrangements for their keiki 

to immediately be picked up. ALL parents must have at least 1 emergency contact on the north end of the bridge.  

*Please note that Aloha School does not have school buses to evacuate the children like Hanalei Elementary school, so we need to close our school at a lower river height to ensure the safe evacuation of our students. 

*If the Hanalei river height is at 6ft or higher (or is projected to be) before school starts at 7:30am, school will remain closed for the day. 

*If Hanalei Elementary School is closed for the day due to the river height, then Aloha School will also remain closed.

*You may sign up to receive text message alerts on the status of the Hanalei River height at 

Aloha School's Tsunami Evacuation 

If First Civil Defense advises a tsunami threat within a 10 minute - 1 hour estimated time of wave arrival                                  Aloha Keiki will be evacuated to the Kumu road graveyard past the first bridge after Hanalei Elementary School.
We will quickly contact parents once all Keiki are at the evacuation site. *We do an evacuation drill each year.