We try our best to provide the best Early Childhood Education for our                                                                                                  Keiki and their families. Here are some testimonals from our Aloha Ohana


We are so grateful for Aloha School and the wonderful education it provides.              As our second child graduates we can see how Aloha School has helped to prepare him for Elementary School and also for being a good person in life. The caring and amazing teachers make the school a fun and safe place for our kids to grow and learn. The wonderful learning stations, art projects, science experiments, and much more have allowed my children to explore and learn in so many different ways.         We always recommend Aloha School to families searching for the right preschool for their children. We look forward to our third child starting at Aloha School next school year!

Thank you,
Stephanie & family

    I want to express my gratitude to Aloha school on behalf of myself and my family.  We are so grateful for Aloha school and its teachers and all they do for our kids and our community.

For my oldest son, the school has been an amazing place for him to grow into the wonderful communicator that he is now. When we first started at aloha school his speech was very limited and he was even receiving speech therapy, but within two months of being at aloha school he began talking and was soon at the same level as his classmates. It has been amazing watching him grow as a part of this school! We are all so fortunate to live on Kauai but with limited education due to our remote location it is so wonderful for our kids to be able to attend a school that has so much to offer!  My child comes home singing songs and teaching us Hawaiian words and amazing facts. He loves the different learning centers that engage all of his different learning needs and he especially loves their daily classroom jobs that give him a chance to be a leader and also an important part of a team! I look forward to having my younger son attend Aloha school next year. We are recipients of school financial assistance and without that aide, my kids  .                                                                                would not be able to be part of this amazing school. We hope that Aloha School can stay open           .                                                                                forever so kids can continue to enjoy this fabulous educational jewel on Kauai!!" -Stephanie

"We love Aloha School! Our daughter started at Aloha just after we moved to Kauai and being a part of the school provided such a wonderful landing pad for her (and mom and dad!) We have appreciated the programs, great indoor and outdoor facilities and excellent teaching staff immensely - all of these things make Aloha School a caring and engaging place for keiki to explore, learn and connect with eachother and the surrounding community." -Melanie & Scott

"The experience at Aloha School has been fantastic for Fiona. The teachers are some of the most professional i've encountered, providing clear and comprehensive information to parents and caring, insightful feedback about each child's development. The school truly lives out its values of community and the Aloha spirit- making the children feel safe, secure and encouraged to be themselves and explore with their teachers and peers. Thank you so much!"


"All 3 of my kids went to aloha school. It's by far the best pre-school on the Northshore. The staff have been around for quite some time. They know what they're doing. It's clean. Neat. And organized. They have everything a kid could ask for. Swing set. Blocks. Magnets. Painting. Drawing. Gardening. Bikes. Sand box. Very safe environment. And if you need any help with financial assistance, just ask and you'll get the help you need. My kids have shown so much advancement in every aspect of learning. And being prepared for kindergarten. It's a great environment for learning and advancing their social skills. They have really vamped up their gardening these past few years. Growing and harvesting food right there at the school. It's amazing. My older kids are excited even when they go back to visit. If you want your kids to be excited to learn, look no further. Just try it out for yourself. Hang out with your child if you want to. Don't just take my word for it. Go see for yourself.Aloha." -Jeff

"Aloha School delivers affordable learning experiences to help children and families achieve their fullest potential. The school's educational approach is tailored to individual student needs and promotes experiential learning to develop confident independent thinkers. Our youngest (Evan) has followed his older brother, who is an Aloha School graduate, and now excelling in elementary school largely because of his love of learning that was nurtured while he attended Aloha School. Evan loves the school, his teachers, and friends. Every morning, he is excited to go play with his buddies, learn new things, and see what adventures await him. Aloha School's longstanding devotion of it's highly qualified teachers has created a caring environment and         
       Ohana- that our family is lucky to be a part of." -Matt & Mary                                                                       

"Our oldest son goes to Aloha School and loves it!  We chose to put him here based on our location at the time of enrollment and he is also the 2nd generation in our small ohana to attend, which is pretty cool. Even after moving, we decided to keep him enrolled here, despite the travel time, it's more than worth it! Aloha School Ohana is like our own. We absolutely love the teachers and everything about the school. It's a great set-up, we were so afraid it wasn't affordable, but we are glad to have our son in such a great early educational program! He has learned so much and come so far it's awesome to see how much the teachers truly care and how dedicated they are to the students. The entire staff there have always been very sweet, helpful and reassuring, especially when it comes to being able to find tuition assistance.  We plan on enrolling our younger son sometime  this year as well, and he just can't wait!"                         -Britney and Jason

"Aloha School lays the foundation for our children to be solid members of our community in the future. They have amazing teachers!" -Kawika